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Counting Machine

Counting Machine

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    Counting Machine
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  • Suitable for all shapes, colors and sizes of tablets, capsules or candies...And other granular products.Optional dust collecting system can effectively reduce dust.According to the production capacity demand, EZpack provides 8 rail, 12 rail, 8 + 8 (16 rail), 24 rail, 32 rail models for choice.

    Use PLC, HMI control vibration plate stable feeding.Each bottle can be set to fill the number of particles, multi-track and single-track models have an array of precision high-speed identification system, to ensure the accurate number of particles.

    Equipped with inverted and missing bottle detection, low material display detection, can also be selected with NG automatic elimination system.
    Optional automatic feeder, automatic filling when material is missing, save manpower and time.

    The appearance material of the main structure of the machine is SS#304, and the material of the contact material of medicine particles is SS#316, which conforms to the specifications of pharmaceutical and food factories.

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