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Mask Packing Machine

Mask Packing Machine

  • Category
    Premade Bag Packaging Machine
  • Model
  • EZpack mask packaging machine can pack a variety of flat bag type products, bag specifications can be changed by hand wheel rotation adjustment,Can easily switch different products to put into production, the whole machine from automatic bag feeding, filling, sealing, printing, finished product output, the process is fully automatic,Products are directly dropped to each station, the production process is quick and direct, and the parts in contact with the products are made of stainless steel SS#316.

    It can fill the liquid food of biotechnology industry and the filling packaging of mask essence. The sealing procedure and filling procedures are not performed without bags.Reduce material consumption and cleaning problems, easy maintenance.

  • Model

  • Packaging material

  • Bag width

    95-150 mm
  • Bag length

  • Packing speed

    4800-7200 bags / hr 
  • Air requests

    8kg/cm2 / 600L/min
  • Power supply

    AC 220V, 1 ph , 60 HZ, 3.5 KW
  • Weight

    250 kgs
  • Machine Dimension

    2440 (L) x 1050 (W) x 1470 (H) mm
  • Filling type

    Rotary pump

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