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Metal detection machine

Metal detection machine

  • Category
    Other Accessory
  • Model
  • The metal detection system can reliably detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals without causing any damage to the product. It can optionally be fitted to a sturdy belt conveyor or conveyor belt with plastic tracks and removed from substandard packaging. Metal detection machine, easy to operate, equipped with stainless steel metal detection conveyor belt with high negative weight, its high sensitivity can quickly detect metal impurities in packaging and unpackaged single products.
    The metal detector is suitable for the food industry, medical industry and chemical industry, especially for the food industry. People pay more and more attention to food quality. The metal detection cannot be ignored.

  • Model

  • Channel size

    W600 * H120 (mm)
  • Passable height

    < 90 mm
  • Passable width

    < 550 mm
  • Detection Ability

    Fe ¢ 0.8-1.0 mm,SUS ¢ 2.0-2.5 mm
  • Line speed

    30 m/min (MAX)
  • Conveying direction

    Left in right out
  • Power supply

    220V, 1 ph , 60 HZ,  500 W
  • Weight

    150 kgs
  • Dimension

    L1750 * W1000 * H750+50 (mm)

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