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EZpack Co., Ltd.

Design and manufacturing of packaging systems

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EZpack is a machinery factory focusing on R&D, manufacturing and continuous improvement of packaging equipment. The main customer groups are the food industry, biotechnology industry and pharmaceutical industry. The offerings cover the field from bottle scrambling, rinsing, filling, tablet counting, capping, labeling and so forth, all designed and manufactured in house. EZpack keeps up with the latest development of the packaging industry and invests heavily in designing composite membrane packaging equipment. With the effort going continuously, more and more powder-, liquid-, paste- and tablet-related packaging equipment are to be added into our product portfolio, offering our clients with a more diverse packing solution.

Aside from bottle and pouch related packaging techniques, EZpack is also capable of leveraging its flexible and efficient RD momentum to assist clients in production process optimization and tailored automation consultancy.

Resolving clients’ problems with professional consultancy and enthusiastic service is the demonstration of EZpack’s principle. In a fast-moving generation, speed and knowledge is the key to success. Becoming your strategic partner and being part of your growth through a speedy, precise and professional service is what we devote to accomplishing.

EZpack creates a cohesive team morale and environment where all the members are passionate, positive and proactive in engaging with their works. The inherent spirit magnifies itself amongst our team members and expands inside out to embody on EZpack’s unparalleled service and quality.

With constant dedication, innovation and pursuit for excellence, EZpack never stop enhancing its designing and manufacturing competitiveness that is required of the demanding expectation. We offer automatic liquid/ tablet/ paste filling equipment that workable for pouch/ bottle or customized container applications. Through the years-cumulated experience and database, EZpack expects itself to provide clients with a more reliable and competitive packing system.

Join us

Ezpack is looking for expansion with prospective partners. If you are interested, regardless of fresh graduate or experienced expert, as long as you share the same vison, here is the right place to brandish your talents. 
We are located in Daxi, Taoyuan, in a studio accommodating immense passion and ambition to be expanding the business presence globally. Come and join Ezpack to be part of the success!
  • Students with a vision
    Wondering what to do next after graduation? No idea which of the segments would provide a better career path? EZpack may be the answer for you!

  • Graduates with potential
    Your future lies in the hands of no one but yourself. If you are interested in automation segment, or hold prospective of the business, EZpack is a place for you to share and grow.

  • Experienced experts
    Mechanical Designing, Electronic/Pneumatic Designing, PLC/HMI Designing, Technical Service, Marketing, Internet Management, IT, Financial Accounting, Executive Administration positions desired.

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Specializing in manufacturing all kinds of electronic scales, packaging machines, vacuum machines and equipment, and provide comprehensive maintenance services, please call for inquiries. Made in Taiwan. Whether it is round bottle, square bottle, upper/lower bottom, the labeling machine can be used to paste, and it also provides customized services, welcome to contact us! The automatic bottle feeder is specially equipped for all kinds of bottle and can packaging production automation equipment. The automatic bottle feeder can arrange the bottles and cans in order and orderly and directionally and stably convey them to the packaging equipment to meet the needs of full automation.