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4-Lane, Fully Automatic, Stainless Steel high-performance vertical form-fill-seal machine (VFFS), designed specifically for the handling of fluids, liquid products packed in heat sealable materials of rollstock film. 

The special forming tube shape and ensure less air into the final bag, providing extra freshness and a longer product shelf-life. 

Photosensors for automatic alignment of the film to ensure correct vertical sealing, reducing the waste of material and reprocessing for vertical seal open.

Language Panel Control: English, Chinese. All operational parameters such as draw-down length, sealing time and speed are programmable. Visualization of the main machine operations process: sealing temperature (rea/set), production speed, opening of the traction belts, alarms, bags counting and the selection of the main functions like manual operation, test mode, settings of the time and parameters.
*Packaging material: OPP/CPP、OPP/CE、MST/PE、PET/PE 
*Sealing method: Back seal、Rounded cut
*Anti-splash design during filling process, minimize liquid spill to ensure a quality sealing work.
*Shut-off nozzle design, filling accuracy up to 0.1g.
*Quick HMI switch for different  pouch length
*Filling module designed for easy clean
*Filling type: servo-driven
*Anti-splash design during filling process, minimize liquid spill to ensure a quality sealing work.
*Liquid viscosity: 1-2000 cps
*Film width: 160-280mm
*Bag width: 17-30 mm 
*Bag length: 50-160mm
*1 Lane Packing speed: 20-30 pcs / min

All machine design and manufacture in Taiwan, welcome agent, distribution.

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