Packing Material Compressor-EZpack Co., Ltd.-Bottle Unscrambler、Rinsing Machine、Filling Machine、Counting Machine、Capping Machine and Labeling Machine

Case Study

Packaging material compressors manufactured according to customer needs.
Effectively reduce the volume of a large amount of packaging materials generated when materials are purchased from customer factories. The equipment occupies a small area, AC 110-240V universal voltage, which is convenient for the normal mobile operation of the factory.

Safe boot mechanism
Cart material SS#304 Washable

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Specializing in manufacturing all kinds of electronic scales, packaging machines, vacuum machines and equipment, and provide comprehensive maintenance services, please call for inquiries. Made in Taiwan. Whether it is round bottle, square bottle, upper/lower bottom, the labeling machine can be used to paste, and it also provides customized services, welcome to contact us! The automatic bottle feeder is specially equipped for all kinds of bottle and can packaging production automation equipment. The automatic bottle feeder can arrange the bottles and cans in order and orderly and directionally and stably convey them to the packaging equipment to meet the needs of full automation.