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Robotic Application

Robotic Application

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    Robotic Application
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  • The manufacturing industry is making continuous progress. Compared with the traditional customized special machinery, the mechanical arm is not only stable in operation but also more flexible to shuttle through various manufacturing processes. In addition to the technology popularization and fierce competition, the cost performance of the mechanical arm has been widely recognized by various industries. 

    In addition to the packaging equipment industry technology, EZpack also has the integration of Scara / 6-axis mechanical arm collaborative application of technology and experience, whether it is in the labeling work,  cartoning work, testing work, product Tray...And other relevant application solutions have a wealth of practical experience.

The impact of declining birthrate on labor shortage is becoming more and more serious, and the lack of familiarity with the deployment of robots to replace manpower may also be one of the reasons why decision makers hesitate to make a decision.
More and more industries such as biotechnology, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals... and other industries are facing a shortage of manpower, but light-load work is not suitable for industrial robots that are located in offices, clean rooms or clean rooms with high construction costs and low flexibility.

Therefore, the demand for robots that can work collaboratively with people in a small space is getting higher and higher. With the characteristics of simple and intuitive operation interface, and the ability to freely introduce the robots into various manufacturing processes without writing complicated programs, various industries have begun to actively work in recent years. Build!
Move it and go, switch the process program and put it into a different working environment, simple, light, stable - UNIVERSAL ROBOTS is a good helper for the new generation!


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Specializing in manufacturing all kinds of electronic scales, packaging machines, vacuum machines and equipment, and provide comprehensive maintenance services, please call for inquiries. Made in Taiwan. Whether it is round bottle, square bottle, upper/lower bottom, the labeling machine can be used to paste, and it also provides customized services, welcome to contact us! The automatic bottle feeder is specially equipped for all kinds of bottle and can packaging production automation equipment. The automatic bottle feeder can arrange the bottles and cans in order and orderly and directionally and stably convey them to the packaging equipment to meet the needs of full automation.