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Weight screening machine

Weight screening machine

  • Category
    Other Accessory
  • Model
  • Provide soft bag packaging machine products for weight detection, this screening machine has a two-way transmission mechanism, the weight of the product within the standard can continue to move forward, if the weight of the product is beyond the qualified range to the other end, to achieve weight detection while screening NG products, can be integrated and installed under the packaging machine.

  • Model

  • Weighing range

  • Weighing accuracy

  • Belt width

    180 mm
  • Production capacity

    30-50 bags / min
  • Handshake

    RS232 or RS485
  • Power supply

    220V, 1 ph , 60 HZ,  500 W
  • Weight

    150 kgs
  • Weighing plane height

    230+100 mm

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