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Servo Motor Rotate Form Fill Seal Machine

Servo Motor Rotate Form Fill Seal Machine

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  • Model
  • No cam mechanism design.The turntable shaft, bag picking, bag opening, filling... and other stations adopt independent modules and are independently driven by servo systems. The working time of each station is independently controlled according to needs without cam control, and there is no need to lubricate and maintain the cam structure.

    The bag feeding turntable adopts servo and high-performance divider. The positioning point of high-speed rotation is accurate and stable. The turntable speed can be automatically sensed and adjusted according to the filling speed adjustment.

    The servo drive of each station makes the equipment more compatible with other equipment in the front and rear sections. The full servo system is also one of the application trends of output data collection in the whole factory.

  • Model

  • Bag making size

    W:80-200、L:100-380 (mm)
  • Bag making type

    Three and four side seals, stand-up bags, zipper bags
  • Bag making pattern

    Straight grain + diamond pattern
  • Filling type

    Powder, granule, liquid, solid matter
  • Air requests

    0.6 Mpa,consume:300L/min
  • Power supply

    AC 220V, 60 HZ
  • Weight

    1200 kgs
  • Noise

    ≤ 70 dB
  • Machine Dimension

    1650 (L) x1450 (W) x 1450 (H) mm

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