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Filling Machine

Filling Machine

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    Filler / Capper
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  • EZpack has a variety of semi-automatic and fully automatic filling technologies, which can provide the most suitable filling technology for various types of containers and fluids of various characteristics, the main filling materials are made of stainless steel 304/316, to meet the production requirements of various conditions.

    Please refer to the following EZpack standard filling machine information, if you still have doubts, please feel free to talk to us directly, by us to recommend the appropriate filling packaging, use our professional to save you time and cost of evaluation information.

  • Flow Meter Filling Machine

    Flowmeter filling it works with various types and shapes of packages and a wide range of liquid material, precise dosing is achieved thanks to flow meters.
    Suitable for filling liquids that are prone to foaming and oil.

  • Piston Filling Machine

    Piston filler that has the capability of filling liquid with a viscous and thin viscosity. EZpack piston fillers are ideal for filling lotions, gels,  honey, and sauce. Our piston filling machines are based on heavy-duty stainless steel frames with all contact parts made of food-grade materials, they deliver precision dose filling, and have flexible filling options.

    EZpack has rich experience and expertise to develop a full line of industrial filling machines. If you have specific demands, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Gear Pump Filling Machine

    The fluid is conveyed by means of meshing gears, which transport a constant quantity of fluid with each rotation by means of volumetric motion.

  • Screw Pump Filling Machine

    1、Suitable for liquid to semi-solid, low water content, high concentration, high viscosity, bubble, particle, fiber products.
    2、Self - imbibition ability, high ejection pressure, high head transport.
    3、Water can be circulated in any position, easy to clean.
    4、Continuous fluid can be carried out without pulsation, with excellent quantitative transport performance.
    5、No turbulence, no stirring, no foaming, no harm to the liquid, such as sensitive latex liquid or synthetic resin, filling does not break the emulsion.
    6、Suitable for filling products from excellent flowing water to almost no flowing miso, maltose.

  • Peristaltic Pump Filling Machine

    Avoid fluid contamination, clean and maintain simple and fast, suitable for abrasive and corrosive fluids.
    1、Fluid transport suitable for food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical process and experimental research.
    2、The fluid only flows through the peristaltic tube and will not contaminate the pump body, and the peristaltic tube will not contaminate the fluid.
    3、A complete peristaltic tube is used from the inlet to the outlet, which can be cleaned only by replacing the peristaltic tube, thus eliminating the time cost of disassembly and maintenance.
    4、The peristaltic tube is provided with materials that can withstand the high-temperature sterilization process.
    5、Replace the filling product quickly, only replace the peristaltic tube, and there is no risk of cross-contamination under normal use.
    6、No valves, no joints, no fluid residue or leakage.

  • Over-Flow Filling Machine

    Emphasize liquid level control, making them ideal for filling transparent containers that must have a consistent filler level. It is designed to handle water-thin with no particulate liquid. The overflow nozzles guarantee that every container fills to the same visual level.

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