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Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

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  • The horizontal packaging machine offers the flexibility to choose a suitable feeding system for packaging different materials, ensuring precise filling accuracy. The packaging specifications and dimensions can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of packaging needs. Depending on the selected filling system, it can accurately fill various solid objects, granules, powders, liquids, sauces, and other products.

    The horizontal machine can achieve three-side seal, four-side seal, irregular-shaped bags, and stand-up pouches, among other formats. The machine can be customized according to specific requirements, including the shape and seal patterns.

    1.Full-color HMI touchscreen interface for convenient operator setup and monitoring.
    2.Cam/servo-driven mechanism ensures stability even at high speeds.
    3.Depending on the characteristics of the filling product, various suitable feeding systems can be selected.
    4.Low-level detection warning function.



  • Model

  • Applicable bag type

    Stand up bag、Side Seal bag
  • Bag Size

    W:110-320 mm  L: 100-200 mm
  • Filling amount

    10 g - 1000 g
  • Packing speed

    20-50 bags / min
  • Air requests

  • Power supply

    AC 220V, 1 ph , 60 HZ, 3.5 KW
  • Weight

    2000 kgs
  • Filling type

    Rotary pump
  • Machine Dimension

    3000 (L) x 1050 (W) x 1600 (H) mm

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