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Bag_Making Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

Bag_Making Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

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  • The bag-making horizontal packaging machine can select a suitable unloading system when packaging different materials to ensure the accuracy of the filling amount. The adjustable range of packaging specifications and sizes is highly flexible and can produce diversified packaging.

    The horizontal bag making machine can realize three-side sealing, four-side sealing, special-shaped bags, zipper bags, spout bags, stand-up bags and other forms of laminated bags. The shape and sealing texture can also be customized according to needs.



  • Model

  • Bag making size

    W:60-130 , L:80-220 (mm)
  • Bag making type

    Three-sided sealing, four-sided sealing, special shape
  • Bag making pattern

    Diamond pattern, dot pattern
  • Film roll diameter

    outer: 400 mm , inner: 76 mm
  • Film roll width

    MAX 440 mm
  • Weight

    1500 kgs
  • Capacity

    30-60 bags/min
  • Machine Dimension

    4300 (L) x 1100 (W) x 1600 (H) mm

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